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Children’s Glasses

At Petersfield Eyecare we have a wide selection of children’s frames available, including frames specially designed to fit even the smallest of children comfortably. Our qualified staff will help you choose the frames and lenses that are the most suitable and comfortable for your child, whatever their age and vision correction needs.

We can supply scratch resistant or multi-coated lenses with all of our children’s glasses. This helps prevent damage to the lenses and can protect your child’s eyes from harmful UV rays. Scratch-resistant lenses are also a great way to help glasses last longer, especially when they are subjected to the everyday bumps and knocks of childhood.

We also provide children’s eye tests to help you better understand their condition and diagnose any problems. It’s important to have your children’s eyes checked regularly. Bad vision or an improper prescription can affect learning, and slow development of certain skills.

We provide a welcoming environment for your child. Many of us are parents ourselves so we take the trouble to make the whole family feel at home.


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Children’s Eyewear Collections

We stock an extensive range of children’s collections, including:
Sunoptics, Liberty Kids, Jump, Teenscene, Puzzle, X Games, Lindberg, LaFont and Flexon Kids.

Flexon Kids frames are particularly child-friendly as they return to shape even after accidental bending or twisting. The unique flexibility of the memory metal used produces bendable frames that are lighter, stronger and more comfortable for your child.

Does your child have a problem with their vision?

If you have any concerns about your child’s eyesight then you can speak directly to one of our specialist team who will be able to provide you with help and support. At Petersfield Eyecare, you and your child are in expert hands with our teams.

There are a few signs to look out for if you have any concerns about your child’s eyesight:
• Excessive eye rubbing
• Headaches
• Squinting at home and in class
• Sitting too close to the TV
• Losing his/her place on a page when reading
• Difficulty with balance and playing ball games

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